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Best Online Medical Services In Canada

Canada offers a range of online medical services that can provide convenient access to healthcare professionals and information. Here are some notable online medical services in Canada:

  1. Maple: Maple is a telemedicine platform that connects patients with Canadian-licensed healthcare providers, including doctors, specialists, and therapists, via secure video visits. They offer medical consultations, prescriptions, and mental health support.
  2. Telus Health Virtual Care: Telus Health Virtual Care provides access to virtual healthcare appointments with Canadian healthcare providers. It offers video consultations, secure messaging, and prescription services.
  3. Babylon by Telus Health: Babylon is a mobile app that allows users to consult with Canadian doctors via video calls, access health information, and track their health data. It provides AI-driven health assessments and symptom checking.
  4. Wellx: Wellx is a telemedicine platform that connects users with a network of Canadian healthcare professionals, including physicians, psychologists, dietitians, and more. They offer video consultations, prescriptions, and wellness services.
  5. EQ Care: EQ Care offers virtual healthcare services, including video consultations with Canadian doctors, specialists, and mental health professionals. They provide personalized health assessments and treatment plans.
  6. Shoppers Drug Mart eCare: Shoppers Drug Mart offers eCare, a service that provides online access to pharmacists for medication-related questions and advice. They also offer virtual healthcare consultations.
  7. Medisys On-Demand: Medisys On-Demand connects users with healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and dietitians, for virtual consultations and healthcare advice.
  8. Tia Health: Tia Health offers virtual healthcare services, including video consultations with Canadian doctors, specialists, and therapists. They also provide prescription services and medical certificates.
  9. Ask The Doctor: Ask The Doctor allows users to ask medical questions and receive answers from Canadian doctors. They also offer virtual consultations and prescription services.
  10. Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN): OTN provides telemedicine services to patients in Ontario, connecting them with healthcare professionals through video visits and secure messaging.
  11. Ava Telehealth: Ava Telehealth offers access to Canadian healthcare providers for virtual consultations, prescriptions, and medical advice.
  12. CloudMD: CloudMD offers virtual healthcare services, including video consultations with Canadian doctors and specialists, as well as prescription services.

Please note that the availability of these services and the specific healthcare professionals they connect you with may vary by province and region. It’s important to ensure that any online medical service you choose is compliant with Canadian healthcare regulations and that you review their terms and fees before using them. Always consult with a healthcare professional for any medical concerns or emergencies.

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